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David Michael Joseph is a writer, film producer, director, and editor known for his work on Melancholy Love (2007), Cerebral Static (2007) and Shadows of Sepulveda (2009).

In his film Melancholy Love, a woman falls to her death after discovering her lover cheated. Upon her death her lover commits suicide out of grief and guilt. The last side of the love triangle is left alone with just his memories. Yet the soul of the Woman cannot rest. She travels to the wastelands to retrieve the soul of her lost love.

In his film Cerebral Static, a detective tracks a serial killer by her mind. She seems to always be a step behind. Who is in whose head?

In Shadows of Sepulveda, a dancer commits suicide. Instead of her soul passing to the other side. It travels into another woman and takes over her life.

David Michael Joseph wrote, filmed, produced, directed, and edited these films working with many different talented actors including Ronnie Alvarez, Ray Buffer, Fred Crawford, Nadjah Dabney, Marshella Griffin, Michael Hurley, Destiny Joseph, Shevaun Kasti, Michael C. Kricfalusi, Anastasia Savko, Rosa Tran, Randy Cannon, Kurt Fizpatrick, Anise Fuller, Joni Narasaki, Kate Roughen, Angelica Vazquez, Dwight Mitchell Waters, Eliza De Angeles, and Greg Horos.

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