Deadly Sidewalks

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Guest Writers, LA ism
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Samuel Jordan IV

I’ll say this proudly, if you ever wanted to go to LA, you’d have a better time talking to the homeless and learning about their amazing stories, good or bad; than you would being around the stars. Because most of Hollywood is trifling as the day is long. And the aspiring entertainers are worse, I’ve even supported some of you who can’t say thank you, but many of the wannabes never take time to give a hand to the people whom they could be. There are some solid folk in Hollywood, but it ain’t many. When I tell these homeless people have lives that should and are on the big screen I ain’t lying. Don’t worry about getting banged on either, most cats are locked up or have moved to the IE or Vegas. And before then if you ain’t in the way, you prolly gone be straight anyway. But, the bottom, the homeless are at the ones who have the adventurous lives, you can’t even set up a spot and give them food. You need a food permit for that and it ain’t cheap. Also, the homeless population is made up of Black men, it’s scary as hell, when you see that most of the homeless people look like you. There is an attack on the poor, especially the defenseless. Understand that if you are mad, because you can’t have your way in life, you might be on the wrong track, imagine being beat and shot to death because you slept on he sidewalk to long.

  1. vivalaViv says:

    The number of homeless people in Sydney has grown larger.., this is a sensitive subject, need to be taken seriously…

  2. bridgerjones says:

    People have just forgotten what is important in life: other people.

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