Posted: March 5, 2015 in Lit Gems
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I cautiously entered the dusty, dark, backyard garage.
On one brisk Friday evening.
I was with two friends I knew And one guy I didn’t.
His parents owned the garage.
He was chubby with a cunning face.
He ground his teeth continuously.
I guess the Crystal Meth Had taken hold He grabbed three empty paint buckets to use as make shift seats.
I declined the invitation and decided to stand instead.
Everyone else sat I leaned against the dirty metal shelves.
Our host pulled out a warm bottle of kahlua Yes- kahlua and a milk jug Filled with purple stuff.
I passed on the purple stuff I learned my lesson from Jonestown.
I was still a little high from The Canadian marijuana and Green Apple Hookah We smoked on Pine Street earlier. I took a deep swig of the coffee liquor.
I became highly animated and extremely talkative.
The sweet brown liquor had soothed me.
The Kahlua had my tongue.
The Weed had my mind.
We passed the bottle clockwise We passed the bottle counter clockwise then back and forth.
Our host brought up Bushido.
I was ignorant to the term.
It sounded exotic stumbling from his grinding molars.
He explained it was a battle philosophy, “Instead of running from the battle You run into the action”.
I found this to be an act of An insane man, high on Meth Our host paused and offered more words of wisdom, Hair raising food for thought.
He said-the man to fear the most Is the man who fears you, Because he will do anything.
Nervousness over took me I pictured him scanning me Searching me for weak spots and pressure points.
I double-checked the room For weapons and poisons None, thank Jehovah and Buddha.
I praised and took my last sip For the night.
I had to remain semi-sober.
I might have to fight for my life In this dusty, Long Beach garage.
We switched the conversation and compared drugs we had consumed.
Weed- yes
Coke- yes
Oxi- yes
Ketamine- him yes, me no Horse tranquilizer- him yes, me no Heroine – him yes, me no Huffing – him yes, me not intentionally.
We later discussed how difficult it would be to kill a man.
We laughed and I glanced over all of them To see which one would be the easiest to kill.
Thank god there were only three paint buckets


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