The Bear Sang on Broadway.

Posted: March 9, 2015 in Electronic Napkin
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Druken fables....

Druken fables….




A quiet weekend night on the Broadway Corridor where the locals named, ‘The Gayborhood’ tongue and cheek. I could explain why but it would take away from the essence of the story. I usually catch the 112 or the 111 Metro to Orange Ave, then walk a block, stop at Tommy’s for a dollar beer, and then head to karaoke night at the Broadway bar.
I check out the songbirds, purging themselves vocally on a tiny shoebox stage watching a twelve-inch LCD screen with the words to the songs falling slowly down the screen. A heavy-set senior citizen with a captain’s hat polices the line up, as would a matradi at an expensive eatery. A TV hangs on the opposite wall with the lyrics scrolling south, followed by a purple market, keeping the proper tempo to the song.
The Broadway bar has a humble eclectic karaoke night that in my opinion could rival most spots in the LA or the SFV. Different strokes for different folks should be the mantra: due to the Mosh pit of diversity that gathers every weekend. The wireless Mic and cheesy tunes seem to bring the masses together in a jovial human stew.
The Broadway is a darkly lit gay bar that becomes an embassy for straight patrons who find themselves on the Corridor. This is a safer spot then the bars a couple blocks north where young violence occupied the bar stools of the watering holes on Forth.
On the weekend diverse hoards of halfway decent singers plunder the bar, signing the list and waiting for their turn to tease the ear drums of the semi drunken. Drag queens, Bears, Twinks, Hipsters, Rockabillies, Straights, Fems, Butches from every walk of life make up the weekend transient population on the small dance floor. The common glue: the microphone and Shower Singer aspirations help on to like a child’s belief in Santa Clause.
Often the audience are just the regulars from the surrounding vicinity, who don’t care to venture to Pine street or journey into deep techno filled, Beyonce twerking, Mano y Mano male dancing that takes over that part of the Corridor, after the Happy Hour appetizers are nothing but a memory.
Many of the Crooners are halfway decent and may I dare to say even sober, which was more than I could say for myself, while Pre Gaming with dollar beers and dollar shots, rebelling again the price of the bar stock. I spoke to new bar friends about current nothingness, not wanting to be the silent weird one. Well the other silent weird one. I take my place in the shadows by the picture window, staring at the participants as they stroll to the small stage. I nod at familiar faces and quickly forget the bad attempts. One thing I learned: if a struggling: spout, ‘Don’t stop believing’, you will be the crowd favorite, until someone new sings, ‘Don’t stop believing’. I guess the karaoke bar is better than nothing on a cool, Friday night. Sometimes, I just go so not be alone, taken hostage by my thoughts and weekday terrors. I probably will never sing. It doesn’t make my heart skip, which lets me know I’m still alive.
Broadway Bar, Long Beach CA

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  2. vivalaViv says:

    Karaoke bar.., wow! It brings out so many memories of the night life in Taipei…..

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