MAC Everything

Posted: March 20, 2015 in Long Beach


I learned a trade secret years ago while living in Sherman Oaks. One can actually get Big Mac sauce a la carte. This means I could now take normal, flat, barley edible hamburgers and turn them into an afternoon delight.
My life would never be the same. It was like finding the formula for Coke and turning run of the mill generic, sofa drinks into iconic beverages.
The Big Mac sauce went for twenty nine cents but sometimes I got it free. There are rumors it was in reality Thousand Island dressing. If that was the truth, it must be from one if the greater islands.
My little hack has brought me much pleasure. I can turn simple rapidly created foodstuff into a complex, culibary adventure.

My delightful discovery!

I hope by revealing my discovery it might make lives better and save someone. It would be incredible if we could put Big Mac sauce on the worlds problems and devour them.



This is a Carls Junior burger with Big Mac Sauce. You must try…


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