Ode To Judas

Posted: March 23, 2015 in Guest Writers
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“An Ode To Judas”

Sometimes a man finds himself questioning his existence. So many unanswered questions. Too many apologies made when there is absolutely nothing to apologize for. Guilt that is so unbearable that he weeps alone. He carries a guilt that is not his to carry. The burden is not his. He is truly innocent of all but knows nothing but to bear an unbearable load.

He has amazing eyes. Familiar only to those who know him and the one he resembles. Resembles more than anyone in the twisted bloodline. The man with the brilliant eyes that look lost. A child once lost and continues to long for the destination he’s been trying to find. A burden that he didn’t ask for but carries like a cross. His cross to bear is neither his or his souls.

Phone calls made in the early morning where he continues to ask and beg and weep and ask and wonder and then it beats him down. But he will gather himself after his understandable ramble of questions that has been haunting him for far too long.

The man whose eyes the sunshine wants to be seen in. The eyes that oceans want to wave in. The eyes of brilliance and sadness.

He is a great man but feels nothing like it. He is a warrior fighting a battle he didn’t ask for but continues to fight. A fight no ordinary man would be able to last even a second in.

He is loved. He must know he is loved. As he looks into the mirror he recognizes those eyes. As he longs to hold the one from which the eyes were made.

The man with the brilliant eyes. I love this man. He must know he is loved. He must know people care. He must know he is not alone. Answers he deserves but is there such things? He is loved and cared for and prayed for and thought about and cried for. They say a man should never forget where they came from but he know not where that place is.

The man with the brilliant heart. The man with the brilliant heart, I wish you peace. I wish you a trusting shoulder to cry on. I wish you people to share your good times with. To welcome you in a toast to yourself. Celebrate your accomplishments. The hurdles you have conquered. The steps you have taken alone with your head held high. Those brilliant eyes looking forward. I beg of you to never face them down. For the man that looks into those eyes will see wonders. Their jaws will drop in awe. They say the eyes are the pathway to the soul. If that is true and I pray it is, then he is flawless.

For that man is beautifully broken. He has conquered all alone. A rogue wolf who asked for nothing and gave everything. A man who wants little more then acknowledgement that he deserves more than anyone. The man with the brilliant eyes, this ones for you. It is not how one falls but how ones gets up. I am proud to call you my own. I am proud to be part of you. The man with the brilliant eyes, beautifully broken.


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