Internet Dating Hustle

Posted: April 5, 2015 in Guest Writers
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Aisha Clements

I lost the first page of this handwritten junk….

The phone rings for the 3rd time, I’m at work. My heart has dropped into my stomach. My blood is on fire and my hands are shaking. I hit ignore for the third time and get a text.

“Hey you, you need to make the money cum to South Dakota.”

My face is on fire out of nerves and anger. Is he fucking serious? I have no sense at all, I’m fucking being hustled! I am being hustled by someone I have never met in person yet.

From what I can remember I was in Vegas, at a bar after a 4 day drinking binge with little to no sustenance other that booze. I was by myself at a bar…

He approached me and asked me if I wanted a drink. Red-eyed, sweaty from drinking in the sun, I accepted. We had a two hour drunken, vague, conversation that was all over the map.

We decided to leave the bar and handle business on a stairway at the lovely Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino. My room was full of my hungover friends, who had earlier convinced me I should find one last victim before the weekend was over.

We parted ways without exchanging information, I call him the Onion.

Over the next few weeks I obsessed over the Onion and the situation. I looked through every online networking site with no information other than his first name, age and area he lived in. I had my best friend help me call bars in the area asking if there was a young man with the words “FUCK” and “OFF” tattooed on his eyelids.

I even contemplated following a friends’ band to the area to have a look. A mini-vacation for my birthday. I am not stalking, I am merely searching. Booze really heightens the magnitude of meaningless situations and I had been on a good one for months.

My friend suggested I join a dating site; I had gotten out of a long relationship prior to my debaucherous weekend. I was feeling guilty about my actions so I joined.

My friend was right, this new fucked up world I was viewing in front of the keyboard, hours of entertainment staring at a screen filled with strange, needy, completely screwed, clueless lost souls had me hooked. I am just like many of them and I came to the realization I am totally fucked!

Instead of going out on a Friday night, I would grab an 18 pack, a small bottle of rum, turn on music and chat with random strangers. How pathetic, intriguing and a wonderful waste of time. So many words, stories and filth I’ve exchanged with these characters. A few on the phone and several I had met.

More to come:

  1. karl says:

    Very artistic, lots of raw emotion, translates well for the reader. And yes, trashy, Love It! =)

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