A Prince Among Men

Posted: April 13, 2015 in Guest Writers
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Sal Pavone, “A Prince Among Men”


Teddy stood on the corner of South Broad Street and Division Street. He was taking in the sights of the city on a sunny, Saturday afternoon. He thought the city was beautiful where others found it repulsive.

“You Teddy, what’s good big man?” It was Marco, the owner of the Dominic barber Shop. Marco was also the owner of the bodega next door. Him and his crew had about (10) kilos of coke running through the both of them.
“Not too much Marco,” said Teddy, “just taking in the sights.”
Just then Malic the pimp gave Crystal a slap across her face.
“Bitch you better make sure my money is right tonight or, it’s your ass cunt.”
With these words Malic took out his switchblade and made a motion across his throat. “Yes Daddy,” Crystal whispered.
Malic gave a head nod to Teddy and got in his Benze and turned left on Prospect Street.

Everyone loved Teddy. Although Teddy didn’t condone that type of the stuff, he knew when to pick his battles. That was the thing with Teddy he had a Ph. D in the streets. Gangs and drugs ran ramped in the City of Trenton. Teddy knew them all and they knew him. He knew the pimps, hookers, drug dealers, stick up kids and stone cold killers. The funny thing was the street life was Teddy’s comfort zone. He could talk to a cop as easy talk to a five star general in the Bloods Gang.

Overall Teddy was a good guy. Sure he had his vices, everyone does. He put down the bottle years ago, although the “H” was his ball and chain. He knew where to get the best and the cheapest. Teddy continued his work down South Broad Street. He needed his fix and he knew where to go. He turned left on Cass Street passed the beautiful Polish Catholic Church, threw up a little prayer and with the sign of the cross made a right on Home Avenue to the cop spot. He texted Devon to see if everything was good. Devon texted back and asked Teddy to give him twenty minutes. “Shit” Teddy thought, twenty minutes to Devon was more like two hours. He must have had one of his bitches over.

No big deal, he had twenty numbers in his phone he could call. The question was where did he want to wonder off to? There was war going on with the Bloods and the Latin Kings and the streets of Trenton ran red with blood spilled by soldiers on both sides. Although Teddy had a pass everywhere even he got a little nervous during times like these.

He decided to take a walk down town and give D a visit. D was a sixty-five year old black woman who’s been in the dope game since she was about 25. She loved Teddy and always welcomed him with a big wet kiss hello and a slap on the ass goodbye.
“Damn you’re a fine white boy Teddy. When you gonna give Miss D some of that sugga?” She would always say.
Downtown Trenton was more or less a neutral zone. Probably the safest place to cop in the city. Go a block in either direction and your average person was looking for trouble and nine times out of ten would find it.

Teddy called D and set everything up and they decided to meet at Grown Folks bar on East State Street. Teddy had a crisp fifty on him and he knew that would be enough to get him through the day. He smiled when he thought of what D would say when he gave her a fifty.
“Baby, fifty will get you eleven, but you give me some of that white meat and you can get it free all day long.” Thanks but no thanks Teddy thought to himself.

Teddy walked into Grown Folks and had a club soda, while D was sipping on Hennessy with a water chaser. He slipped D the fifty and she slapped his ass and Teddy went on his way. He exited the bar and headed home. He had enough for one day and wanted to watch some TV and eat a good Jamaican meal that he would pick up at “Cool Running” on his way home. As Terry turned the corner he saw an 84 Coupe Deville turning down the street. About twenty feet in front of him he saw about Puerto Ricans shooting dice against the wall on the outside of Sal’s Pizzeria. There Black and Gold as clear as the nine milometer poking outside the window of the Coupe. Suddenly, he heard pops and everyone took off. Teddy tried to run but he couldn’t. His legs weren’t working for some reason. They felt like rubber and his chest felt like he got hit with a Mac truck. He found himself on the ground. He looked up in the sky and took short quick breaths. He saw pigeons flying about him and looked to his left and saw one on the ground about a foot from his head.

He was fading fast but he felt no pain. There was blood all around him but he couldn’t comprehend where it was coming from. He felt something in his hand. He looked, it was his eleven for “fifty.” He opened a bag and snorted it. Then he opened two more and did the same. He tried to open the next one but didn’t have the strength to bring it to his nose. The dope relaxed him a little bit. He looked at the bag. It was stamped “Jesus Saves.” Then he was dead.


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