Posted: April 20, 2015 in Guest Writers, LA ism


Samuel Jordan IV

The school to prison pipeline is just one issue. Racism is one thing, I’m not worried some racist white person screaming nigger or burning a cross. That’s your hobby, do as you please. People are actually racist against themselves and don’t know it. It’s called ignorance of life. Voting for laws that cripple you. Gangs and drugs can only do what they are allowed to do. We are an unhealthy, illiterate and uneducated nation. Look at two points,veteran support and post secondary education. Well, we all know how much veteran support sucks. And post secondary education, why are there rankings for certain schools. You mean to tell me if I didn’t go to a certain school, I can’t get that job I know I’m qualified for. And this company you can’t get in probably has contracts from government contracts. And that would be your money. We all are getting certain rights stripped from us. Most of us are too tired from working to use these rights anyway.


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