MTV Stowaway

Posted: April 23, 2015 in Lit Gems
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The seed planted in my head from that afternoon drifted to the front revitalizing my dead spirit. MTV! I remember watching the Ananda Lewis show, where she discussed music video and a group of young adults gave their Earth shattering opinions. It was right up my alley. I exited the comedy club and joined the NYC after work stampede.
I walked/ ran down the street, hoping to get there in time. The MTV building was the easiest one too spot: large, glass, steel, and colorful sticking out from the drab, gray everyday structures. I marched into the lobby, which was painted purple from floor to ceiling. I encountered the middle-aged receptionist and asked her if it was too late for the audition. She said no and sent me into a room to the side. It had wall-to-wall MTV paraphernalia hanging on each side and a large, wooden table in the center of the room.

At the head was a skinny, blonde man of about twenty. He had a button down shirt, tight black slack, that said actor. I started small talk but found we didn’t have a connecting point. I sat and scribbled on a piece of paper in silence.

My mind flashed back to the previous shows, I’d viewed in the past. Most the panel were pretty, white twenty-somethings, with a couple Blacks and Latinos sprinkled in with an occasional Asian to keep it all-American inclusive. After five minutes, people filed in small clusters. After another ten minutes, the room was filled to capacity. To my surprise most were the black and brown bodies of attractive, smiling actors.

They separated us into groups of ten about eight in each. I remembered mine being group number three. A middle-aged, sexy Ginger took us into a different room. We sat quietly, while she played a music video. I forget the band but recalled it was some kind of hybrid Rock and Metal group, but packaged in a clean cut, mainstream way. It felt confusing with the bright lights, hitting my pupil and abusing my medulla. It had seizure-like aesthetics and I was overjoyed when the screen went black.

The MILF surveyed the room, wanting to know our feeling. First, she asked a teenaged black boy on the ground. He was dark skinned with baby dreads and a Catholic school vernacular. He announced his book, which was published, and then spit various ten-dollar words on the reasons why he treasured the video.

As she went down the line, it seemed conveniently everyone enjoyed the song. I didn’t, but could play the game. Go with the flow. Run with the crowd. Jump on the bandwagon of butt lickers, but I was a comic trying to make his mark. So, I surmised a witty dissertation on my hatred for the video would get me within smelling distance of Ms. Lewis (Google her please hands down the finest black woman God created.) I wanted to gain fame just to bed her once

  1. vivalaViv says:

    What an entertaining read; I enjoyed it Jude!

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