What They Didn’t Teach Me in School

Posted: April 27, 2015 in Guest Writers
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Sal Pavone

What They Didn’t Teach Me In School

What is the biggest enemy of the human race? It is time. It takes people away never to return. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. It can never be turned back no matter how hard we try or how desperately we need it to be. It does not stand still. It does not wait for anyone. When its up its over, never to return again .

Lets take memories. Good memories that we continue to think about. Sometimes long for. The nostalgia can even make us melancholy. To long for something that lives only in our mind.

Bad memories that warp our mind. Molest us,depress us. Makes us contemplate taking our own lives. There are no do-overs in the game of life. Makes our reality distorted. The mind fucks of all mind fucks.

Is it weak for a person to extend the olive branch? To try to make right what we know to be wrong? Then again some things can never be taken back. Truth be told, it takes a special type of person to forgive someone. To honestly forgive someone without callousness or resentment. Without wanting to rip there fucking throats out just to prove how much pain they have caused us.

Apologies are bullshit. They get thrown around as carelessly as flicking a cigarette butt out the window.

The truth is the human race is fucked. We have choices. We instinctively know the difference between right and wrong. It’s easy to lie to each other but nearly impossible to lie to us. We are all fucked. The Gods have shown us mercy time and again and we take it foe granted until it is far too late.

We are selfish creatures: the most selfish animal on the planet. We kill for sport while others starve to death. The rich want more and the poor stay poor. We want more and refuse to share. We are killing the planet we live on and killing each other. We are all devils at some point in our lives. We deserve what is coming to us.

No one puts a gun to our heads and makes us do things we know to be wrong. No one points a gun at us and makes us do a bag of dope, a line of coke, beat, kill, rape, torture, maim, put down, shove away, abuse, and abandon ourselves and each other. We make our own choices.

You can’t blame it on being insane. I for one am as crazy as they come. I have the paper work to prove it. Now-a-days people want to put a label on everything. They want to make excuses. The easy way out if there is such a thing.

They say suicide is a cowards way out. I disagree. It takes balls. I for one don’t have balls that big. It takes guts to put a gun to your head and pull the trigger. It takes balls to stand on top of a ten story building and jump off. I will say it is the most selfish act a person can do.

There is nothing we can do about it. We are all gonna’ die. If the Gods like you it will be painless and quick. If they don’t, suffer you will.

One shouldn’t be afraid of death. What people need to be fearful of is living shitty lives as shitty people. This life goes by quick. Respect each other. We don’t even have to love one another but respect we much. Even if that respect is shown by being absent from those who make you want to put them through the walls.

Life is one big tunnel with a little light at the end of it. It’s the search for the silver lining.
What matters most is what we do between the first breath and the last.


  1. vivalaViv says:

    I totally relate to this article!
    “some thing can never be taken back”; “It takes a special type of person to forgive someone” I couldn’t agree more…

  2. Paul says:

    Very good, you make alot of great points..

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