100 Penny Terrorist

Posted: April 30, 2015 in Guest Writers
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By Todd

100 Penny Terrorist

  It happened on a weekend; no saw it coming. Yet everyone should have seen it coming. It was early in morning when the event took place. A surreal moment: too real to be a dream, too dreamlike to be believable.


Portland, Oregon: May 2025

The National Guard took position in five sectors. Anti-Riot patrols are everywhere throughout the city


       During that summer most of the country discarded their police forces for drones and hidden cameras. It had become a financial burden on most communities and they couldn’t maintain them. It had disintegrated into a feral police culture. While being trained to kill they were told not to kill. They had bought into we are the law and it bit them on their ass.


National mandate:

All Police force both civilian and military are disbanded and weapon confiscated.

       The insurance and the laws suits had bankrupt most major cities. Our Media had assassinated them to the point where officers had to sport ski masks to and from job to home. Also somehow terrorist stealthy invaded the borders of our great county and planned vicious attacks. The same ones they perpetrated overseas on poorer browner people. The fear had become overwhelming and that’s when a few in ‘political circles’ thought this was the right time to set the master plan in motion.



Senate Majority leader Thomas Dash proposed a new bill authorizing a military police force to replace the disbanded police. A new Domestic Drone Program is introduced.



       A proposition: to bring in the National Guards to replace the civilian police force was introduced. No longer were wars being fought in foreign lands: we had beaten everyone worthy of beating. Besides the National Guard had been practicing domestic terrorism drills for the last two years all over America. So much so, people started getting used to the idea of Military personal ambling into their neighborhoods.


     There were a few rumbling but those people either disappeared or went insane in public. However the thought of terrorist doing Jihads in the local suburban malls didn’t go over too well with ‘Joe Lunch pale’. The American people gave back a pile of rights their forefather had promised and greater men had died to secure. Instead the citizens craved Football, reality TV and content as long as the government was in control. Besides who could beat the greatest country in the world? Forget the Chinese; they didn’t invent Coca Cola nor own more than one pair of jeans.


       The day happened. No one saw it coming. There had been rumbling who done by the dreaded Constitutionalists. Those trouble makers listened to Truther radio and Truther TV, spouted stories of the Anti Christ coming and sang tales of microchips being implanted into people. It was as if they were reading from the newest New Testament. Those trouble making, tax paying, traditional people with the senseless dribble! Orson Wells would laugh at such comical refuse spewed by those fools with World Domination aspiration and Community College pedigrees.


Still it happened. All the New channels (CNN, FOX, CBS, MSNBC, Ect… Ect) announced the President had something to say on Prime Time.

         There was an incident that changed America forever. We would never be the same. There was a national cry! Had the Terrorist had won? Where they were planning an attack or it was the Aliens. The interstellar Greys hiding among the masses were going to unmasked themselves before a national audience.


       An hour before the broadcast the National Guard moved into each city (major and minor) ahead of the TV coverage. They set up perimeters and the most modern surveillance devices on ever block. A man in a van could watch a fifty-mile clip.

     People noticed slightly but were more concerned with the State of the Union address. An hour later the President came on Air. He said soberly that the American Dollar had fallen to second to the Euro. Oil would no longer be bought or sold with dollars. The mighty dollar had fallen to second with Chinese currency no far behind.

         The United States of America was about to fall to a Second World county. It was our own European Brethren that ensured our economic death. Not the dread Chinese who they swore owned us.

       The National Guard quickly took up aggressive, defensive stances. Martial law was declared. The American we once knew. Was dead. There was a rumor the National Guard would be replaced by Marines. It’s going to be an interesting summer.

The police to control the middle class. The Army is to control the poor.

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