In Between Seasons… Why Not Channel A New Trend

Posted: May 19, 2015 in Guest Writers, Lit Gems

Very good article…


600-AdjSE-V2-F5602Every seasonal change, I see myself changing over my wardrobe. It’s so comforting to dig out a cardigan from last year, or in my case; I could easily dig out a 12-year old jumper and tell myself: ‘You don’t need anything new for now!’

However, few weeks ago, I wanted to dress in something new; something different.., partly as the season was about to change, I wanted to freshen up my ‘vintage wardrobe’. Partly because I wanted to step out of my comfort zone.
As I wear mostly skirts and dresses, my current wardrobe is lacking in good pants; I also decide to shake up my typically classic style and go for something modern instead.

So, ‘Voilà!’ One trip to Calvin Klein and my wardrobe problems were solved! Not only do I love the minimalist look; I’m so happy with this high contrast in colours which I put together myself!

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  1. vivalaViv says:

    THANK YOU so much for the re-blogging Jude! I’m flattered!! X X X

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