Internet Dating Hustle Part Two

Posted: May 25, 2015 in Guest Writers
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The sweet well mannered ex-Marine of mixed race like myself, I think we look too much like we could be cousins.

The fiery Puerto Rican whom I had spent every other 5 minutes texting and chatting with. We couldn’t wait to meet each other! He ended up being a judgemental, controlling, neurotic asshole. After he had dropped me off the next day, I received a text saying “That was fun, I had a good time.” Followed a few minutes later with, “Actually I’m extremely pissed off! I had to sleep on the couch your snoring was so bad!”
Huh?! Make up your fucking mind. You have fun being extremely pissed off over something I did that I had no control over? You kept me up until 5am and I didn’t even get a fuck out of the deal?! Kick rocks. What a waste of my precious time I could have been wasting with a homicidal maniac online.

Creating the profile. What a ball I had with that. From the light hearted survey my dear friend created to…

It caught their attention, in negative ways mostly, scared the weak away, called a man, racial slurs, sexy, scary, hey can I come get you, you live by me I see you walking down the street.

As creepily as I wrote it I was very creeped out by a few. One who would just say “Hi ” several times a day, and one who would ask me out for drinks everyday because he thought me knew me just because he had seen me in the neighborhood. Too many messages at one time or angry messages because I had not responded quickly enough made me want to scream.

Well I’ll skip all the inbetweens and get to the hustle.

I get a message.

Subject line : Hi

Just wanted to let you know that you and I are going to be friends.

Later Alligator.

He sent me a cold approach, I didn’t realize this at the time, later on I figured out it’s a generic message copy and pasted to many girls to maximize sending out many messages to different girls. The things I learned.

The senders profile – Photos that scream intensity, dark fucked up things of the past that no one should ever hear about, vicious, passionate, fire, violence and something is telling me in the back of my head, bitch run for the hills.

This large heavily tattooed being with an old school pachuco style had caught my interest. Even more so his profile, the way that it was written. I was highly entertained and intrigued after re-reading it a few times I replied.

“Well new friend, I think you are correct. Epic read.”

“Get a lot of hate mail over it.”

He has to be a writer.

Within 24 to 48 hours of non-stop messaging, I learned a lot about this person. He told me about his life in LA, being raised by his father who was an old professional surfer, being babysat by Cholas and well known skaters at that time.

It was too far out to be made up and if I was did I care?

I am a huge fan of punk and skate lifestyles in those days. I am sort of fascinated with old gang and LA culture. It appeals to me like a beautiful ocean swallowing an old ship. The vision, cruelty, loss and desctruction.

I learned he was in prison for more or one of the following, pimping, selling drugs, guns, running chop shops, had an enthusiastic heroin habit. He had met roughly a few hundred women on said dating site. He was a reformed ex-criminal who had earned his high school equivalency through a program that helps those who are on the verge of destroying themselves and everyone around them.

I named him Gypsy.

Being the daughter of a pimp and a stepdaughter to a hardened reformed gang member it takes a lot to get back into society, deal with authority, work a normal 9 to 5. Trust me there are people that can do it but deep down within a manupilative greedy fuckers mind, they can still have that mentality. It’s a fucking frightening thing to watch. Dad pimps his daughters against each other at the same time pimps for Jesus. Stepdad is making up for a collective 16 years in prison by excessive use of hard liquor and tearing up the house in a violent rage.

I am a complete sucker for these stories. Live, watch and learn just incase I get caught up in any stupid shit. I would never, but just incase.

I spent the next 5 months in contact with him, mostly on a daily basis. He lived in LA but hadn’t been home for a year. He traveled the states to do clinical studies for months at a time. His “job” was testing out new drugs, a lab rat so to speak.

  1. vivalaViv says:

    Haha~ some of the ‘types’ she mentioned sound very familiar… As I had my fair share of internet dating experiences…for years to tell the truth!

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