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Literary Gumbo for the masses. A mix of truths and semi expressions. Feel free to be free..

David Michael Joseph is a writer from the great state of New Jersey, now living in Los Angeles, hoping to breathe a breath of fresh air into the literary world. He has a passion for story telling and poetry. He has been published in numerous publications. He also has written Exodus from the River Town, his first collection of short stories:
• “First Night”, Tuck Magazine, June 2012
• “Cuba”, Calliope, Spring 2014
• “San Pedro Seaman”, Crack the Spine, Fall 2013
• “Bushido”, The Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Fall 2013 
• “The Torpedo”, Drunk Monkey, Fall 2013 
• “The Saint of 22nd Street”, Chickenscratch Literary Magazine, Winter 2014
• “Dubs and Me”, Story Shack, Spring 2014
• “Kyle”, Work Literary Magazine, Spring 2014
• “The Actors Stolen Phone”, Stepping Stones Literary Magazine: ALMIA, Winter 2014
• “Stay in the T’s”, Stepping Stones Literary Magazine: ALMIA, Winter 2014
• “The Beach Brawl”, The Screech Owl Issue 5, Spring 2014
• “Court Room D”, The Smokebox, Summer 2014
• “Exodus from the River Town”, Shook Up Publishing, Novel released fall 2012.

  1. Cool stuff. Your site looks tight and accessible. Let me know the kind of stuff you might be looking for as guest submitted material.

    • Jude Hammer says:

      Any thing you might want to send my friend. Stuff you want to workshop or old stuff you want to revamp. You can include a video too is you like and any links. Thanks Will

  2. vivalaViv says:

    What a talent you are my friend!

    Vivienne X

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