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Literary Gumbo for the masses. A mix of truths and semi expressions. Feel free to be free..

David Michael Joseph is a writer from the great state of New Jersey, now living in Los Angeles, hoping to breathe a breath of fresh air into the literary world. He has a passion for story telling and poetry. He has been published in numerous publications. He also has written Exodus from the River Town, his first collection of short stories:
• “First Night”, Tuck Magazine, June 2012
• “Cuba”, Calliope, Spring 2014
• “San Pedro Seaman”, Crack the Spine, Fall 2013
• “Bushido”, The Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Fall 2013 
• “The Torpedo”, Drunk Monkey, Fall 2013 
• “The Saint of 22nd Street”, Chickenscratch Literary Magazine, Winter 2014
• “Dubs and Me”, Story Shack, Spring 2014
• “Kyle”, Work Literary Magazine, Spring 2014
• “The Actors Stolen Phone”, Stepping Stones Literary Magazine: ALMIA, Winter 2014
• “Stay in the T’s”, Stepping Stones Literary Magazine: ALMIA, Winter 2014
• “The Beach Brawl”, The Screech Owl Issue 5, Spring 2014
• “Court Room D”, The Smokebox, Summer 2014
• “Exodus from the River Town”, Shook Up Publishing, Novel released fall 2012.

  1. williamcalkins1 says:

    Cool stuff. Your site looks tight and accessible. Let me know the kind of stuff you might be looking for as guest submitted material.

    • Jude Hammer says:

      Any thing you might want to send my friend. Stuff you want to workshop or old stuff you want to revamp. You can include a video too is you like and any links. Thanks Will

  2. vivalaViv says:

    What a talent you are my friend!

    Vivienne X

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